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Umm Winnipeg free press is in an urban center; 650,000 people is pretty sizable. Most of which have never worked on a farm. What I meant by my original post was that Ontario is generally considered at least the political center of Canada; therefore it would be nice to see stuff like that there where in theory it would do the greatest good.

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to come off arrogant over the changes, and direction we have here. What I am getting at is that this type of positive coverage could be much more influential in your "urban center" than in Winnipeg.
Perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully. I didn't mean to knock Winnipeg or imply anything regarding its size or location. What I meant to illustrate was the disparity within Ontario given its population distribution.

Among other issues and political leanings, there's a markedly different outlook regarding firearms between city centres and those as nearby as 50km out. Several of our own forum members here are legal firearms owners within the province - for those out of the cities, ask them how their neighbours feel about firearms possession vs. "the rest of Ontario."

While I agree that such positive coverage could indeed be influential and beneficial, one would first have to break through the anti-gun mindset predominant in those for whom firearms have never been a part of their lives save for the negative associations with crime brought about by the media and political maneuvering. Until then, it's more likely that even such a positive story would somehow be used against the sport to further the agendas of those moving to ban firearms and their replicas outright.
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