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I'm going to have to finance the first manufacturing run with some help with an advance preorder. The preorder will help me gauge how much $$$ I have to borrow for the first major manufacturing run. As much as I'd like to survey players to get an idea of how much they'd pay for a grenade (to estimate demand), nothing is as accurate as a count of cash brought to the barrel head.

Preorder grenades will be injection moulded in a special colour which will never be made again for those who got in on a very special first order and helped me launch my product.

I'll be posting very good video footage and detailed photos of my product as I open the preorder for my first grenades. I'm renting a high speed camera that wings off a blazing 4000 frames per second at megapixel resolution to showcase this product. I won't be asking people to buy into an imaginary product.
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