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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
Yes, going out of bounds or fucking with radios is a way to cheat, but that;s jsut flat out shithead deserve-to-be-banned-forever behaviour.
Why should you be banned for listening to enemies radio? It's been going on ever since radio's have been used in real combat.

It is a legit tactic to obtain as much intel on your enemy as possible and VERY realistic to do so, so why you saying you should be banned?

You seem to be all for as much realism as possible, so I'd have expected you to accept listening to your enemy, but yet you say you should be banned......

Just what kinda standards do you play by?

BTW, I'm all for banning people whom go out of bounds to get an advantage on your eneny.

Stay within in the designated area's and use ALL of it to your advantage, like going 25 feet up a tree and listening to your enemy.

There is absolutely nothing that says I cannot do that.

It seem's wearing this up a tree makes me invisible, especially when using black bb's.

I find it very amusing tho, as NOONE has EVER spotted me up there. Have 23 kills from using that tactic.

An I garuantee you I have absolutely no intention in giving up my effective tactics.

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