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Originally Posted by BC_K View Post
How exactly do you cheat in airsoft? Other then NOT calling your hits? Or going into out of bounds area's to encircle your enenies position.

Or you could also set your radio's to same channel as eneny and just listen to where they are going.

You sound like you've just not been lucky in outsmarting your trigger happy hi-capping enemies.
No, actually, outsmarting a "hicapper" is quite easy because they tend to think less.

Yes, going out of bounds or fucking with radios is a way to cheat, but that;s jsut flat out shithead deserve-to-be-banned-forever behaviour.

Hicaps are cheating not only because of capacity but also because your cheating the whole idea of airsoft.

AEG's did a fine job of lameing it up in terms of sounding and being built out of what is crap compared to say, a YE MP5 which (I'm young, forgive me) used be more the standard in airsoft if what I've been hearing is correct.

Not only did TM start churning out plastic sewing machines, they also had to go and pioneer the (I'm pretty sure it was TM that made them mainstream right?) rattling, winding, even sloppier hicap. TM has to go and make a hicao for every model....

So, anyway, it's not getting owned by people with hicaps, it's more when a new guy steps onto the field with his plastic sewing machine AK 47, rattling around with it at his side while he let's off 200 round bursts while the rest of us are off you know....coordinating are way to get the job done (and we can run without sounding like a pack of tictacs).

Seriously, if you're going to do that, why not play paintball? It completely ruins it for me when you got people sitting there twiddling their fingers on the bottom of their mag while letting off hundreds of rounds in full auto at the same time. If you can afford a gun, you can afford a couple of lo caps. 50-80 rounds a mag is GENEROUS as it is. If you must have more, go to midcaps at most. But if your excuse for using hicaps is "it's easier", get the fuck out of airsoft! Airsoft is/SHOULD be about going as all out as possible considering every day that passes with it remaining "legal" is a blessing.
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