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Originally Posted by Endymion View Post
Unfortunately for Ontario, the vast majority of the population is focused around urban centres and thus so is the media. You'd have to get through to the journalist and the editor and even then, the populace would see and hear only what they want to - i.e. "oh my gawd, people running around with realistic looking guns in the area shooting each other - we need to ban!"
Umm Winnipeg free press is in an urban center; 650,000 people is pretty sizable. Most of which have never worked on a farm. What I meant by my original post was that Ontario is generally considered at least the political center of Canada; therefore it would be nice to see stuff like that there where in theory it would do the greatest good.

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to come off arrogant over the changes, and direction we have here. What I am getting at is that this type of positive coverage could be much more influential in your "urban center" than in Winnipeg.
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