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Originally Posted by JPO375 View Post
I think it all depends on how many hi-caps u have, if u only have 1 and thats it, then its basiclly the same as your enemy having 3 or 4 low-caps..(Since winding takes about as much time as it takes to reload) but if u have 3 or 4 hi-caps and ur enemy has 3 or 4 low-caps then..yea... its pretty cheap. Some fields its simple, u can only have so much ammo (Exemple: 500 rounds).....hi-caps or low-caps, thats ur limite wich I find is the best way to stay fair
Another point to bring up regarding this, is it depends on the hicap itself for the type of gun. Some hicaps will unload 200-300 rounds with one wind, others like the MP5 200rd hicap will unload around 42 rounds per full wind, so it's like using less than a locap per run, spending longer to wind it than change mags.................. a hicap for an MP5 isn't exactly an advantage over using locaps.
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