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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
Sidearms....that's another good point....

Why the fuck carry one if you're going to cheat and use hicaps?
Because sometimes it's the fastest access gun available to you (case in point, I was in brush flinging BBs off into a base about 160ft away using my M24, my MP5 was on the ground about 3ft from me and I got shot at from behind. Down on my back, M24 on the ground, I fired off a half dozen rounds from my G19 and got the guy just as he tagged my knee).

AND, seems like every 3-4 games my MP5 gets a gun hit, rendering it "dead". That's when you go for a pistol. At least I have options if I get a gun hit, M24, MK23 or G19 (yes, all are present on me 95% of the time.)

Going to pistol isn't just about running out of ammo (although that is another good reason to carry a backup.)
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