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Just a new grunt saying hello

Hello everyone,

I think this is my second post overall, but so far from reading as much as I can under the FAQ, and gun discussion, this is the place to be. I bought a couple of the dreaded cdn tire crap piles a couple years ago before I knew what airsoft even was, but as I started to do a little looking up and seeing what airsoft was really about I got very interested. I've been collecting SWAT equipment for about a year so far, and the time has come to buy a proper AEG. From what I know the four rifles that would work best with my kit would be :M4, SG552, G36C, and the MP5. Classic Army makes a pretty good G36 from what I hear, and TM makes the other three.

What I'd like to ask is this. From personal infield experience, what would be a good, solid reliable choice. I don't really care about the price as I have a good job and the patience to save. I'm aware airsoft is expensive but looks like a lot of fun once you get into it proper.

Thanks for your time guys.
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