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hicaps are an unfair advantage and advocate unsportsman like play. ive seen it and been on the recieving end many a time with guy useing hicaps. they can fire a steady stream of rounds out at you with no worry of running out of rounds nore needing to change mags. all you can do is sit there and wait untill his gun blows, he actually runss out of ammo, or he loses interest in the kill, or, if your lucky, he pulls his head out of his ass and realises hes not being sportsman like at all a starts burst fire.

hicaps serve no purpose, they definatly dont teach you to be a better player thats for damn sure. you dont learn fire control, you dont learn ammo rationing, counting your shots, makeing your shots count! and you dont get the whole experience, i dont remember any of out troops beeing issued hicaps in afganastan.

hicaps are cheater toys. morrocca shakers, they completly negate the use of a vest, why carry 10 mags when you can do that all in one mag? besides that, when youve got a hicap, your not just anyone.. your an "LMG". no use for a dump pouch. your just short changing yourself with hicaps, you never have to stop and think if you have enough ammo in this mag to advance or should you change mags now. you never get into a gun fight count the other guys shots and move when hes reloading. you never learn to use your sights as you can just spray and pray. you get lazy. hicaps just erode away at your core as a good player and turn you into a lazy, simple, iggnorrant, clueless drone.

our club and field dont accept hicaps unless its a new gun and you need time to buy some lows. mids are acceptable, but more often than not they cause you more trouble than theyre worth. we try and foster and extreemly high attitude of sprtsmanship at our field. we try to ensure everyones on a level playing field, we teach player not to become dependant on gimmicks and their guns, but rather their skill.
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