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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
When your hicap runs out of course.
Why is using a hicap "cheating"?
Better term would have been "cheap". A lot of guys spend a lot of money to replicate real combat as much as possible. A lot of money into gear, communications, magazines, optics, etc, only to be met by a high-cap wielding BB hose. Enemy combatants with poor fire control and an itchy trigger finger exist, but in real life they run out of ammo.

When people spend a lot of money to get away from the "paintball mentality", (generalization I know but it gets the point across) and move to true milsim, only to find they're playing against BB hoses, the frustration is understandable.

As for the Support Gunner/High Cap scenario, let me ask this question: In real life, what's the main downsides to an LMG? The answer is weight of ammo and accuracy. In general, the accuracy of all AEG's is all similar, and weight with BB's is never an issue.

So what's left? A high volume of fire weapon with more advantages over other guns, with none of the realistic disadvantages, leaving you with a very unrealistic combat situation, which when we get down to it (other than collecting) is the main point to airsoft, realistic combat simulation in game form.

And the only around this unrealism it really is to limit the number of LMG gunners per side, like our local clubs do at Ops.


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