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Originally Posted by Zekk05 View Post
theres a defeatist attitude.
people will believe what they want to believe, but what they read can influence what they believe. look at this way, right now theyre already thinking "omg, para military freaks training to do evil things", so if you dont do anything, nothing will change.

The girl in the article was the journalist that came to US. not the other way round. she approached us asking to do an article on the sport.

all the same, like Amos said, there are girls in the MAA on teams who actually come out on a regular basis. including one on our team.
I work with a small independent newspaper. I wasn't trying to be defeatist, I was just reflecting the attitudes of people that went against a few people that tried to open a field somewhere in Toronto a few years ago...

That's impressive though. Did she say what sparked her into the idea of writing the article?
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