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I have a boot "problem"

According to my wife.

Bellville hot weather boot, good for summer, good tred, good support, Picked up lightly used at a surplus shop.

CF, Prospectors, wet weather Gortex, a good cool wet weather boot, but not light... still very comfortable.. Again picked up lightly used at a surplus shop.
( going to need to re-sole these before long)

Original Swat, 9" side zip... Indoor/ Urban use only.. have held up better than I thought they would... don't use the side zip, and won't bother with it when I replace these.

Got a pair of Welco hot weather "anti Mine" boots as well... I like them because they add 1.5 inches to my height.... but they are a little "tippy" would not recommend them for regular use.. but good if you are going for a particular "impression"

I think my favorite all time boots are a pair of Ariat Riding boots... full length to the knee...would be excellent for a WW2 German officer impression... but I paid $1000 for them.. so I doubt they will see the field any time soon, But they are an awsome boot for riding...
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