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Originally Posted by Buds and Suds View Post
Acctually ive never asked this question before, you must be mistaken. And I know that green gas IS propane. Hence I wrote "green gas/propane".
As for top gas, when I read about it some sites talk about it in a context that made me believe it delivers higher performance. Some sales sights say things like, it can take Top gas right out of the box ect ect.
Because they're using a Brand Name and the term green gas interchangeably. Like SkiDoo and snowmobile or Dremel and Rotary Tool.

I've owned cans of Toy Jack Top Gas, it's green gas. It offers higher performance compared to duster (most Japanese guns are designed to run on that so in the past "being able to run on green gas" without upgrades was a selling point).

The only green gas that was verifiably different was "American Eagle Winter Grade" green gas, which I don't think was ever available in North America.
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