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Originally Posted by JPO375 View Post
Im a hi-cap guys cause i have an easy trigger finger.......Im usually a squad support gunner for my team so I use drum mags....cause it saved u money cause u only need one and u put batteries in and the wind themselves.
Well, support gunner is a bit different, you need at least 200 rounds. I just hate people that have an assault rifle, use it in an assault rifle role, except sit there and hold the trigger down for 50-75 rounds, wait two seconds, then do it again. It really spoils the atmosphere when everyone but a few people use lowcaps.

I remember one game I played where everyone on my team used low/midcaps, and everyone on the other team used highcaps (most of them had G36's, so they used duel highcaps). The game was fun, but yea... not that fun.

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