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Originally Posted by Cassius View Post

Moz, H-G and Aqua, have you guys seen the movie The Kingdom? It's a fictional movie about some terrorist bomb that blows up in Saudi Arabia. If I would go by your perspective; this movie is pure shit since the men in the movie use AK-47's and M4's to fight. It's so clear that the writer, director and producer of that movie should have invented new weapons since we've already seen M4's and AK-47's in movies.

When it comes to modeling, texturing, animating and drawing and just plain creating; the author/artist has the right to do whatever he wishes too since it's his work.

I respect the artist of that model even though I think alot of work is needed for it.
Think about what you just said. Do you feel kinda dumb? No? let's keep talking then.

Did my statement have anything to do with the importance of originality in art, or lack thereof? No. You were talking out of your ass, something you seem to do quite often.

Your first post in this thread leads me to believe that you do see a value in reinvention, or originality in commercial artistic works. You then try to align me with a fragment of your own point of view, and argue against it. That's like the dumbest thing I've seen all week, and I live in a fucking frat house.

Anything else?
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Originally Posted by Some Airsofter
However no offence to the soviet team, but Spetsnaz are something to be feared. What I faced off against seemed like a parody of Russian mobsters.

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