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Moz; that person has the right to model whatever they want. Originality is not an obligation and it certainly is not a beauty factor. My best example would be Halo. It's far from original yet everyone seems to love that game these days.

Also, it appears his armalite is far from being an exact copy of an existing model but more of a mash-up of different existing models so in a way, this variant hasn't been modeled already.

H-G, since when do I talk out of my ass? I don't even care what that armalite is, I was only defending the artist's point.

Aqua: because its their right to do whatever they feel like modeling. If that person has a mod in mind where you would use an armalite as a primary weapon, he should model an armalite as a weapon.

Moz, H-G and Aqua, have you guys seen the movie The Kingdom? It's a fictional movie about some terrorist bomb that blows up in Saudi Arabia. If I would go by your perspective; this movie is pure shit since the men in the movie use AK-47's and M4's to fight. It's so clear that the writer, director and producer of that movie should have invented new weapons since we've already seen M4's and AK-47's in movies.

When it comes to modeling, texturing, animating and drawing and just plain creating; the author/artist has the right to do whatever he wishes too since it's his work.

I respect the artist of that model even though I think alot of work is needed for it.
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