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Originally Posted by Endymion View Post
Thus far I have seen one businessman take personal time out for the sake of interest and community and personally procure info to share, only to be met with what can only be described as trollish behaviour.
here here.

I appreciate the time WC7 has taken to outline all this. Again, none of it is information that you've not read before in some other place, but WC7 has pulled it all together in one place and spoken to the authorities involved on Canadian patron's behalf. He has gotten AS CLEAR AN ANSWER AS YOU WILL EVER GET from CBSA.

The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of discretion left to the officer and because of the culture of supporting each other, even if one officer makes a bad call on a cross-border situation, his supervisor will back him up out of interservice loyalty and you're SOL. This is why how your approach to the border with the goods is critical and to discuss the importation with the officer in a non-confrontational, non-demanding and patient manner that gives the officer plenty of time to decide what to do and gives him/her the opportunity to save face at every turn. The *reasonable* officer will most likely let you through and the *asshole* officer won't, and appealing it just makes them dig their heals deeper.

So we are back to bring-back-airsoft-from-USA-at-own-risk.
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