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Originally Posted by Tri-Balle View Post
I like the fact that in the airsoft picture the guys are in full action, but theire not wearing the protective gogles.....and dont forget the paintball milsim...becose the picture that you posted is not paintball per say, it is speedball, and theire is a difference between the too venues..
I think you completely missed the point I was trying to make.

Your original comment I was replying to was basically that "paintballers just go out and play." And they do. They go out, and they shoot stuff (each other, you know what I mean).

What I was trying to emphasize is that a very large segment of airsofters, as displayed in the picture I posted (yes, it's a staged photo, that's why they don't have their goggles on. It's irrelevant), are not only into the milsim aspect but also the gear.

I use to play paintball a lot (woodsball, back in the late 80s and early 90s) and when someone (ol' man Poncho) introduced me to airsoft, the three things that immediately got my attention were 1) realistically layed out guns, 2) full auto, and 3) the ability to use it in conjunction with real world gear (I was starting to collect some real world gear around then).

The point is, people putting together a $1000+ AEG and dropping another $400-500+ (easily) for a proper gear impression with all the peripheral gear... those players are coming to the table with a very distinctive mindset (which isn't just run around and shoot each other). Nor will they be keen on getting their gear covered in paint goo (which seems much worse at a lot of indoor facilities, probably because it doesn't rain and nobody is washing it down).

So while airsofters sometimes do play on paintball fields, paintball fields generally do not cater to airsofters beyond "you can use the field."
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