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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
building a tank, sure, restoring an old Leopard C2, far more awesome.
Downside to restoring real steel is they're usually decommissioned, and therefore full of torch cuts. But the JSOC M75 APC should be running next year lol

But having a tank in the game raises issues such as: how to destroy it WITH the crew noticing they've actually been hit, god knows they're not going to hear a nerf rocket hit the hull over the roar of a diesel engine. Not to mention scores of safety issues. Makes a nice prop or stationary turret though!

you could line the outside of the tank with impact sensors and in most games with tanks they have a ref watching the tank

be allot of fun to do if ya ask me, downside is airsoft rocket launchers are pricey and hard to come by
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Originally Posted by GBBR View Post
If you ever go to a milsim and hear a vuvuzela, you are fucked.
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