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Originally Posted by onem View Post

Thats a great point MadMax. What was the outcome of there cases?


Brian McIlmoyle

Well they are risking fines and imprisonment if they sell even one airsoft gun if they are illeagle. so the fact that they sell them means there ether willing to take the risk and are prooving that its leagle, or its leagel, so they can sell as many as they want.

And importing once again i have seen bulk orders so there must not be a restriction, otherwise those orders wouldent have been made and
successfully deliverd.

To my knowledge, the cases have not reached their conclusion. I do know that some of the defendants have been prosecuted for a few years now. Defense against federal prosecution of this type is quite an expensive affair. The costs can be quite crippling especially since a retailers income source is cut off (active orders to cease business operations) and legal costs are quite high to begin with.

In any case, even if one is sucessfully defended against federal charges, the costs are not reimbursed. All one acheives is a stay out of jail not free card which may or may not come with a requirement to stay out of business (in the case of settlement) and/or siezure of previous profits.

The long term outlook is quite crummy. Given the fact that a significant fraction of the proper retailers of airsoft guns in Canada have faced federal prosecution of some sort, a reasonable smart person (notionally someone with the intellectual and financial wherewithal to start a good AS biz plan) would give some significant consideration into other business ideas that didn't come with a possible accusation of weapons trafficking.

A reasonable person would have to charge a significant margin for products that could land them in jail. They'd have to charge even more when they correctly considered that their past profits could be siezed for wrongful business in the past.
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