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Onem, I'll make you a deal.

You front all the $$ needed to get focus groups, to get my licensing and permits, to get the advertising done, and all those things that you think are just so simple and easy to do. Front me the $$ to get my starting inventory as I've described before, but it will be better because you can get me a better variety from a better retailer.

Do all that for me, and I will personally sign the paperwork to open a new cheap airsoft gun sales e-store for all of Canada. I'll even front the cost of incorporation if needed, as well as a business license.

Once I sell enough guns to cover all the costs you incurred, plus the costs I'll be incurring on a monthly/annual basis to run the company, I'll pay you back every last red cent, PLUS a 10% commission. Sound good?

In fact, once I get the store established, cover all expenses, plus a mere $8per hour wages (which is less than minimum wage here in Saskatchewan...and we have low overhead too, so it keeps costs down) to myself for all the time I put into running and operating the company, I will sign ownership over to you, with no extra fees. And you can continue to run it as you see fit.

Of course, none of this will occur though, until both you and I have recouped our cash out to get the venture started. Its only fair...I wouldn't want you to be out any money after 5 years once we're operational.

I think it sounds fair. Its a killer deal for you. ASC patrons? Don't you think this sounds fair?
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