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Why pay the 12 dollars that I have to for a pack of cigarettes when I can jump over the boarder and buy a pack for 2 dollars or a cartons worth for a little under 20.

I stated before that I have done it before and I may do it again, I know its not right, and theres no need to do it. But the diffrence between claiming an aeg and claiming a pack of smokes is atleast I can come back home with the smokes in the end.

If I factor in the cost of gas, my personal time to drive there and back it the carton itself , it would actually cost more than buying in country.

Its not fair the way airsoft is in Canada, but as it stands, theres not a whole lot we can do about it, we can bitch till we are red in the face, but it has the same affect of those lame email forwards that tell people to not buy gas from a certain brand of gas station on specfic day, it doesnt do anything.

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