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I haven't read the whole thread but the simple answer is because impoting airsoft for retail in this country is illegal right now. There is no legal route for getting them here if you plan to resell them. Props people are about the only ones who can do it legally and they have to have accountability controls to ensure the guns stay with them.

The online retailers ARE raping people but you have to understand that to get them into Canada under the current laws is EXPENSIVE. People do not take risks unless well paid to do so and the retailers (A&A, 007) have to also build in a cushion to cover any losses due to seizures.

A retail storefront in any major city would have so much overhead due to insurance and security that it would not be profitable.

I charge less than the online guys and my margins are not huge but it still would not be worth my time to charge less than $350 for what costs $150 in the states.

It's not the dollar, it's the fucking retarded laws created by the fucking retards who are ass-fucking this country to death.

Want an airsoft gun? Say no to government. They think you're too stupid and irresponsible.

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