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Who would go across the border and try to get a chinasoft across anyways. They're pieces of shit.
I agree. But why pay for crap when you can buy used quality for the same price?

Last month I drove 2 hours south to North Dakota and bought a used/stock TM AK for $120. I stripped the reciever while in the US and tossed it in my hotel trash bin, and brought all the rest of the parts back across the border with absolutely ZERO hassle. I ordered a replacement metal body in Canada for $100 shipped.

So, I now I have a used, full metal TM-based AK for $260 ($220 + $40 gas). I've bought and rebuilt a few guns this way already this year.

Since the reciever is the only part that is actually a controlled/prohibited item in Canada (aside from shorty pistol barrels, but I don't do GBBs), just head to the US, buy whatever the hell you want, strip and ditch the reciever before you cross the border, and order the reciever of your choice when you get all the parts back in Canada.

I'm driving down again in 3 weeks and in all likelyhood I intend to buy another gun - a full metal GB Tech M870 Charger, fully loaded and upgraded. It will cost me another $100 to get another metal body (I have to bin the body that is on it to bring it back). Still, I'll save almost $300 on what a Canadian dealer was selling the same model for. The same seller in the US offered me an upgraded TM/Guarder RPK conversion for $350. The savings there is well over $500.

I can't believe I'm the only person who's doing this.

And before I get inundated with PM's, no, I won't tell you who my local American contacts are for used guns. It took me years to foster relationships and build trust with American players, and I'm a greedy bastard. I want all their guns for myself.

*I make no guarantees this will work for anyone. You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.
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That was a very bad move on your behalf. Sort of like cutting off your foot for money, but not getting the money first and then letting the person with the money run away.
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Liberals rely on emotion. Conservatives rely on evidence, and the Socialists rely on everyone else.

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