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Dude you sell gear and equipment, I can walk down my street and get gear and equipment, I dont need to buy it online. ( No disrespect intended )
Well your more than welcome to walk into your local store and buy Tactical Assault Gear, Blue Force Gear, Tactical Intervention, Otis, Alta, High Speed Gear.

You won't find it though.

Similar to saying I sell Aston Martins and having someone say that they can go down the street and buy a car. Yes you can buy gear at the local store but not the gear I carry.

Dude I said most not all, But most. A HArware store that opens within 10 minutes of a home depot is going to close verry fast.
Not if they do it right.

1) Provide better service

2) Carry products HD doesn't

3) Charge more than HD -WHAT? Yes, charge more

4) Provide better service !!!!

5) Do custom orders

With large "box" stores they rely on volume items that they can provide cheaper than the next guy. You can beat them with ways I just listed above.

You already have the customers on the way to buy something, just be able to provide it and the service.

Realising that there are more lower class residents then middle to upperclass. And that it is vertually untapped revinue. Poor people Want hobbies too.
You forget that high end clients always have money to buy. Poor people don't. The very thing your bitching about.

I'm sure the guys on the board here are looking forward to you opening your own Airsoft store, making millions and providing guns at half the price as other retailers. You seem to know what your talking about
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