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Originally Posted by onem View Post
You can get your guns cheap from america, shipping is cheap in bulk. You will have to try and get the putty guns that shouldent be to hard. And the hole tax and duties, well when have you ever had to pay $100 dollers in duties for a few cartines of smokes? Comon my mom goes to florida all the time and duties arent that mutch. Taxes should be the same, I know added together ther allot more then on there own. But like I said when Have you ever had to pay $100 dollers in Duties on a few cartines of smokes?
I don't suppose you remember that business out in BC back around 2005 that did exactly just that? BC Airsoft Supply or something, ran by a guy named Sam. They lost a lot of money when the import restriction tightened and an entire order was apparently seized, so they don't do business in Canada anymore. Yeah, importing in bulk always make things cheaper, but that's if it's legally feasible.

There is a masive market for airsoft. Just look at other places in the world were airsoft is sold, you see a growing market. In canada look at how many gun owners there are. Im pretty shure some of them wouldent mind
playing airsoft on there time off of work. Hobbies PRovide a large amoount of revenue in the world. So the market is there the only thing that would stop it or slow it down is restriction on ammount perchased and in most cases if its that restricted you get a few partners to get licenses and have them ship in the rest of your stock for a cut or less of a cut if you pay for there licenses.
That's an unsafe generalization. Canadian society doesn't automatically equate to other societies and vice-versa, there is much more involved when comparing societies. Also, we might have a fair number of real steel owners among us, but there are also real steel owners who consider us silly. Hell, there are paintballers who think we're silly, and we play a game that is pretty similar.

There is a market there, but I wouldn't off-handedly suggest it to be a huge market.

You missed the point. In the four years ive beeen privy to Airsoft, The price has gone up not down. And our doller has gone up not down. In Four years The PRice of an older gun usually drops. In Japan the price droped, but in canada the price rose. How do you explaing that? Even our tax has been lowered and the price has risen.
If you only consider the strength of the Canadian dollar and taxes, yes, the rise is price is rather counter-intuitive. If you think about how hard it's gotten to import airsoft guns reliably and the dramatically decline in number of retailers, it really isn't that surprising that the price has risen as much as it has.
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