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Well that solves the problem. IF you cannot restock fast enough you loose Profit. Actually you can loose allot of profit by not having inventory in your store. Now some American retailers used to sell there guns with the origenal barrle included, not just the orange one and the trades had putty on them. Allot of british airsofters get there guns with putty aswell. There are many methods to getting rid of the putty. The condition your gun is in depends on
how gently your touch is while removing the putty.

You can get your guns cheap from america, shipping is cheap in bulk. You will have to try and get the putty guns that shouldent be to hard. And the hole tax and duties, well when have you ever had to pay $100 dollers in duties for a few cartines of smokes? Comon my mom goes to florida all the time and duties arent that mutch. Taxes should be the same, I know added together ther allot more then on there own. But like I said when Have you ever had to pay $100 dollers in Duties on a few cartines of smokes?

There is a masive market for airsoft. Just look at other places in the world were airsoft is sold, you see a growing market. In canada look at how many gun owners there are. Im pretty shure some of them wouldent mind
playing airsoft on there time off of work. Hobbies PRovide a large amoount of revenue in the world. So the market is there the only thing that would stop it or slow it down is restriction on ammount perchased and in most cases if its that restricted you get a few partners to get licenses and have them ship in the rest of your stock for a cut or less of a cut if you pay for there licenses.

IF I saw a Tanaka Colt .45 US $181 up on a canadian site for $350 CAD plus shipping I would buy it instently.Im shure if most people saw Any of there wanted guns for a few hundred less they would buy it in a hartbeat.
Lower prices means more people will want to buy. Look at most of the collectors. They can afford thousands of doller for there collection. What if it dident cost that mutch per gun. There would be more collerctors emerging.
Due to the fact that people who like guns usually like more than just one gun.

You missed the point. In the four years ive beeen privy to Airsoft, The price has gone up not down. And our doller has gone up not down. In Four years The PRice of an older gun usually drops. In Japan the price droped, but in canada the price rose. How do you explaing that? Even our tax has been lowered and the price has risen.

I dont know ten guys, I know a hole comunity of airsofters that would love the prices to drop. There dying to be able to buy two guns for what used to get them only one. There dying To have Airsoft fields that are airsoft only. There dying to be able to openly love there hobbie insted of keeping it a dark secret. I know that if you were saving up for a gun and then noticed the price drop $100 dollers a grin would come to your face.

Dude you sell gear and equipment, I can walk down my street and get gear and equipment, I dont need to buy it online. ( No disrespect intended )
Most people dont need to buy online. Hunting has been around for years, and most of the equipment you need for airsoft you can get at hunting or surplus stores. its a flooded market Like pizza stores. Now if you got your hands on some TM guns And had them at american prices, you would sell them out in a week. I say a week becuse people are werry about such things and it takes about a week to two for that first person to recieve there item and then the rest of the peole will rush to your site to get the deal.

Gamming systems are different. Companies like Sony and Microsoft have contracts that they have to up hold and they have other companies uphold.
So thats why you see the systems all priced the same. They are leagly binded to do so. Now deals to get rid of over stock is a completly different story. If it dosent sell make a deal to sell it. But as you may have noticed its kinda hard to stock current items like the wii. Becuse the demand is so hi. You still make 100% of your investment back you just cut your losses short and reinvest in another product Like all stores do. But if your smart you can prevent stock from pileing up. and Price has everything to do with it.

I ment avreage people not buissness people, your going to an extreme, Buisness is math and money and we deal with math and money all the time.
It dosent take a rocket scientist to see were the deals are and to save some cash. It is also obvious to see were a store dosent cater to your wants and needs. And it is easy to see were a store does cater to you. You buy groceries all the time. What makes price choppers so mutch different then IGA? The Prices on goods. What makes the Price Club and Sams club so mutch better to shop at? The price on the goods. Not just noname goods but the same goods you can get anywere else.

Dude its called a buisness not a hobbie. You ether get the money and spend it wisly or you dont. If you want to make money you will get allot of start up buy allot of stock and advertise that your stuff is cheaper then the other guys. Not better, its the same stuff just a hole lot cheaper. That right there is what made Buisness what it is today. Realising that there are more lower class residents then middle to upperclass. And that it is vertually untapped revinue. Poor people Want hobbies too.

Dude I said most not all, But most. A HArware store that opens within 10 minutes of a home depot is going to close verry fast. So placment closes allot of stores Aswell. Start up capital isent the main reason stores close, its customer base that kills a buisness.



Dude when you buy TM you can buy a vertiety from them not just the trinity.
Your obviusly trying to make a point by saying if you buy allot of one item you loose customers.
Well you dont have to buy one item, they have a large ammount to choose from just like a grocery store.
And iF you dont have something they want they can special order it. And if there are enough
people asking about it you can make it a part of your next shipment to try the item out.

You can show printouts of current gun perchases and say that even a fractioon of those people
like 1% would turn a profit for 5 years.

Most airsoft companies are part time on the side buisnesses. Web sites make things more outomated.
you would only need two people to handle odering and shipping.

Im just saying that right now most retailers are part time. If you make it a full time buisness
then of course you will put allot more money into it. And you can do well with 100 guns thats bulk enough.
And you can make them a nice veriety or you can open a forum and have polls. you list your prices and have people poll what guns they would buy for that price. Not all of the people will be buying the gun they recomended but most of them will. Most companies call them focuse groups and they have been useing them for years. See you can guage the market in manny different ways.
"Poor people Need Hobbies Too" - onem

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