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I have been in WarChild7's store. I did not make any restricted purchases that day but based on our conversation, there have been players from this community who have. I personally know several who have also visited the store, but I'll let them speak for themselves. At no point did I feel any pressure to purchase anything - I spent more of my time there just chatting it up with the staff than talking about any actual items for sale. It was like ASCA again.

Is WarChild7 a businessman? Yes. Does he have a vested interest in our patronage? Yes, he's a businessman. But we're a small market - given the broader player base in NY, sales figures from Canadian purchases would probably barely be noticeable.

Thus far I have seen one businessman take personal time out for the sake of interest and community and personally procure info to share, only to be met with what can only be described as trollish behaviour.

While it is always good practice to be somewhat skeptical of info that seems out of ordinary, there are ways in which to inquire about clarification that don't practically accuse the messenger of feeding bullshit. At the very least, a little thanks for a person's time would be welcome. How many of you have gone to the lengths WarChild7 has in order to find out this information for yourselves?

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