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ah yes, volume.

What too many people don't appreciate is the LEVEL of volume required in order to get your nice pricepoints and lower prices.

To simplify a bit what Farmboy nicely detailed: (with some pricepoints I recall seeing back in 2001 and 2002)

For airsoft, find me someone who is readily able to bring in, say 200 guns of every model at a time. And maintain those orders on a monthly basis to keep your supplier happy. Lets say we stick to the holy trinity of airsoft rifles An armalite, an AK47, and an MP5 model. Say 600 guns. At $250 a pop.

Do the math bucko. $120000 for a basic inventory. No special orders. Turn away all those folks who want an MP5 SD6 because you only carry MP5 A5's. Then turn away the next batch because they wanted CA and you only stocked the cheaper TM's. Forget about GBB's because you did'nt have enough capital to buy those, so turn all those customers away.

And before you tell me to "just go get a loan", you show me first the business plan that shows the 5 year projections that allow you to not only sell all those guns, but also maintain inventories, pay rent/mortage, storeage, taxes, that proves to the financer that selling guns is a feasible business here in Canada.

And this is just to operate a nice local (but through the internet, national) business, that would be designated a small business or any business less than 50 employees.

Yup...its just SOOOOO easy to run an airsoft business in Canada, with nice cheap prices for everyone, out of the kindness of one's heart, because gawd forbid you actually want to earn enough money to eat, pay rent, pay utilities, buy clothes for the kids and *gasp* save enough money to retire on.

What's that? Just do it part-time? Oh of course, because all part-time busines owners always have $120,000 just lying around to "dabble" in the world of military simulation games. Just advertise a lot, and use up all that "earning potential" in your chequing account to play with the big boys and become the Canadian Walmart of airsoft.

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