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Originally Posted by WarChild7 View Post
If the "fish" you're referring to is me, well, I take offense.
I don't give a rat's ass if you take offence. I don't know you, nor your business practices. Your trader rating isn't helping you either (note the big zero). I haven't seen a single person on this site who has vouched for you, so excuse me if I'm a little skeptical if this info comes from a retailer with no credibility here.

Also, you seemed to say the following:

"He said they would not seize the item, but rather would give the person the opportunity to return to the US, and return the item to my store for a refund. (Provided it was within a reasonable period after leaving the store that the item was returned, and it was obvious that the gun was still new and unused, of course we would issue a refund.)"

Yet you have a waiver on your website clearly contradicting this:
"I understand that products from THE WAR STORE (excepting all products manufactured in China) carry a 15 day 100% limited parts and labor warranty for manufacturer’s defects and in-house modifications only. Further, I understand that any alterations or modifications to any product in any respect by any person not employed or authorized by THE WAR STORE, will cause all such warranties to be cancelled and void. For airsoft guns, the warranty is void if guns are used with anything less than high-precision, seamless 0.20g BB’s, or any non-Japanese brand of BB’s, with the exception Airsoft Elite BB’s. THE WAR STORE shall not be liable for normal manufacturing defects, for customary variations from specifications, for imperfections inherent in the process used, or for damages resulting from improper shipment, storage or use of goods. All claims arising out of the sale of any products manufactured or sold by THE WAR STORE shall be deemed barred and waived unless made in writing, and presented to THE WAR STORE within 15 days from date of purchase...

9. Return policy: If I am not satisfied with the products purchased, I understand that, excepting any items manufactured in China, I may return them within 15 days from the purchase date, subject to the following:
a) Sealed, unopened items, with receipt, will receive a full refund in the form of a business check (if purchase was made with cash), or funds will be replaced onto the credit card used in the transaction."

So it seems to me, that if somebody buys one of your guns (but only ChinaSoft since they are plastic and tradeless), and gets turned around at the border, your waiver is basically screwing them... or does the waiver not apply to Canadians?

Seems to me, there are three scenarios:
1) Buy gun and get a customs officer who follows American guidelines (wishful thinking, but in my opinon unlikely) and lets you through.

2) Buy gun, get a customs officer that doesn't follow American guidelines, but is in a generous mood and either lets you take the gun back (which screws you since your waiver says no dice on ChinaSoft), or takes the gun and sends you on your way (also screws you since you're out the money).

3) Buy gun, get a customs officer that says "sorry, it's a replica, come with me". Your gun is gone, you may get charged, name is black listed.

I think that it's a crap shoot. Scenarios 2 and 3 really suck. Is it worth the risk???

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