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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Plastic body probably means 'clear'.
We talked about the plastic body thing. He said anything clear or is off-scale is automatically considered a toy and is permissible. The pictures he showed me of guns that would allow were models with black plastic bodies but also had orange tips in the pictures. Clearly, they were models that originated in America.

Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
Don't you find this a little too weird. Orange tips. Trades. These sound to me like American policies. I think everybody here is getting a little too desperate to get a hold of some AEGs. I smell a fish.
If the "fish" you're referring to is me, well, I take offense.

Let's be clear about something: if I never get another Canadian customer shopping in my store ever, it won't make any difference to us. I'm not going out of business if you guys don't visit. The fact that you do is entirely bonus, and we do our best to serve all of our customers.

I spent half of my day off yesterday pursuing answers to questions that you guys, as customers, have asked.

The models that we're discussing that may be permissible to bring over the border represent a tiny fraction of my stock at any time. I carry almost entirely high-end, brand-name guns. I generally try to stay away from clones and have only begun to stock more of them primarily due to demand from Canadians.

The team that my store sponsors has over 500 players on it and is the second largest in the US. I make more than enough money just catering to my own guys, not to mention all the new walk-in traffic we constantly get, as well as orders that we ship all over the world. We never opened this store with the intention of tapping the Canadian market. I won't be getting rich just because I might sell a few dozen JG's to folks from Canada.

I totally agree that the orange-tip thing was weird. It is something entirely American in origin, as there is no mention of it anywhere in your laws. But, for whatever reason, it was something he mentioned, and it was in many of the pictures he showed me.

Only you guys, individually, can decide if this is something you want to attempt. Is there risk? Of course. Will there be time, effort, duties and fuel expended on your part to do this? Yes.

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