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Well folks, I am sad to say that I am not impressed with the modular gears.

After seeing them online, I thought they were a great idea.

When I got them, they looked good. Kit came with a great anti-reversal catch that had an e ring to hold the spring in place and a slot at the top so you can release the spring from outside the box. Simple but brilliant.

It also came with a special grease for the bushings.

You plant the bushing sleeves in the usual holes, lube them up and drop in the gears. Super easy.

HOWEVER. Using several different pistons, spring guides and springs, I can not get these gears to crank more than 20 shots before they lock up and refuse to release the piston from full draw. Most of the time, it locks on the first crank.

They are speed gears and I'm running a 400 fps spring but still, they should work.

I now have to buy another set of gears. Crap.

In the last few months, I have had nothing but problems with the majority of the parts I've used from new manufacturers. Deep fire, Mad Bull and now Modify.

Thumbs down to modular gears.

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