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Do all of you who feel like taking a chance really want to follow the unwritten advice of a single CBSA employee?
Plastic body probably means 'clear'. Cost of fetching plus duty equals or comes close to prices we can get here already.
All a lot of IF and MAYBE in what was said by the CBSA person.
When a person who does not have the right to dictate policies gives advice and refuses to put it in writing, I see huge warning flags.

If you also read what was said; attitude and appearance would be a factor. If you are young, under 18 even worse, your chances of not getting checked become close to non-existant. Even if you are nice.

Then the person checking you out may have a bad day, or may be new and sticking to the 'book' and 'rules' Warchild was shown but got no copies of.

Too much uncertainty.

One more thing; if many start trying this AND get caught, what happens to the status of airsoft for legitimate importers and the rest of us? Do we get dinged with more problems/costs due to the sudden rise of visibility on CBSA's radar?

I'd really like to hear the opinion of one of our Retailers about this.

Until then, get legal stuff in writing guys. That's how you protect yourself from tons of grief.
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