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Look at the prices, there almost identical for both Asia and America. Wich means the Americans are getting there goods from the same place the Asian retailers do. shipping is allot cheaper from the stats to Canada then Asia to Canada, Jet fule is expensive.


Ok one thing you should know from dealing with Airsoft retailers is they can get bulk orders, so that restriction is most likly False.

Once you invest in something you wait untill it turns a profit. It becomes earning potential becuse you ivested your money into it. Your money sitting in your checking account is lost earning potential.

So inventory in a ware house or other storage facility is potential profit.
You have to sell to it get your investment back pluse more (Profit) to invest in other areas of your business, like a bigger storage facility or a store front or advertisment or an internet site.

More income means you pay more taxes but you still get more Take home. Its not like there is a tax braket that takes 70% of your money away.
To even get close to the highest tax bracket in Ontario you need to be making six digets. So the government holding prices on airsoft up becuse of taxes is bogus. You earn more you pay more but you still get more to keep.

Dude I know that for twenty dollers a month I can get heated storage that can hold allot of inventory. If your useing a ware house you must have inventory to fill it. If you dont your just investing money poorly. There are many cheap ways to store goods, especially nonperishable goods.

Im not complaining. Im just asking questions and looking for truthfull awnsers thats it. I would rather go without my hobbie like I have been doing, then pay for three of an item and only recieve one. That right there just isent enjoyable for someone who earns there money.


Dude comments like that arrent nessessary.


Thats a great point MadMax. What was the outcome of there cases?


Well noone is expecting the prices to drop right away. Of corse you have to make profit on your purchase. but as our doller has gone up ive seen airsoft prices do the same. That dosent make scense to me and allot of others.
The price of a glock 18c has gone up from $290 to over $300. How does that happen when our doller rises.

There is a Larger player base then you think. The fact that paintball was taken from being an underground sport and brought into the main stream should show you that there is great potential for airsoft as a main stream sport insted of an underground one. Ive seen over the years that many paintballers have switched to airsoft once they found out it existed.

Brian McIlmoyle

Well they are risking fines and imprisonment if they sell even one airsoft gun if they are illeagle. so the fact that they sell them means there ether willing to take the risk and are prooving that its leagle, or its leagel, so they can sell as many as they want.

And importing once again i have seen bulk orders so there must not be a restriction, otherwise those orders wouldent have been made and
successfully deliverd.


Do you sell Guns or gear? Becuse if you sell guns at American prices Let us know and your stock will be sold out in minutes.


Dude lowering the prices isent lowering the amount you get for your investment, its lowering your profit on the item. you still make profit
just not an insane 100% or more profit. If a gun costs $181 dollers and your charged $500 doller Pluse shipping. Do you think the retailers getting $80 dollers profit or a hole lot more? Now if they Lower the prices by lowering there profit on each item then they can perchase more stock and in the long run sell more stock due to lower prices and turn more profit due to a higher client base then befor. Everyone loves a deal and it dosent matter how loyal you are a bargan is a bargan.

Does he sell guns? Are there Airsoft Commercials on TV Right now?


yes and we still pay allot more for oil then most places. Yet we produce oil our selves mmm isent that strange. We pay more for something we make our selves. Globally oil dosent cost that mutch becuse there is allot of it.
Locally our government is gready and we get the poopy end of the stick. If there is a shortage, gas prices would be $500 doller per liter.

Well is Airsoft leagle or illeagle? If its not classified as illeagle then you can sell it the same way. If it is illeagle then you cannot sell it at all.

Brian McIlmoyle

we have yet to know for shure that the quantity is limeted to that extent. I have seen bulk orders befor wich leads me to thinking no there not limeted to that extent.


Most of us base our buisness knowledge off of what we see when buying stuff for our selves. We know that wal-mart closes down almost every other store around it when it opens. Even now there selling milk bread and other items and reguler grocery stores cant compete. bulk buying and selling pluse advertisment makes allot more profit then not bulk buying and selling. Thats what most of us know. Unless you dont watch tv or shop at malls and bulk food stores then you wouldent know that.

Most businesses who fail dont advertise properly. Most people know that from living in a city. A pizza shop opens, you dont see a comercial you dont get a flyer you dont give them your buisness the Pizza shop closes.

yet " Buhbuhbuh buh buhh im loving it " makes you crave a Quarter pounder with Cheese. People need to be shown what they want most of the time and most people starting a buisness dont know that.
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