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Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07 View Post
Wow, I guess the guys over there are real slack, now ... time for a visit to the US
Ok, that's the wrong attitude. Your customs officials are doing their jobs, and they're not being slack. However, your laws allow for a little bit of interpretation on the matter; let's just be glad that they may continue to interpret in a favorable manner on a few items. Again, something is better than nothing.

Originally Posted by GreyFox132 View Post
what if you take guns that fit the criteria but dont have an orange tip and place one on at a little extra cost?
All airsoft guns transported and sold in the US must, by Federal law, have a blaze orange muzzle tip in place. Thus, any gun purchased from the US will have one.

Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
Did you get any of this info from Customs in writing?
Of course not. Let's be real, here. He let us take copious notes while he was talking, but there's no way he was going to give us anything affirming it in writing.

Remember what we're dealing with here. This is a very small grey area in your laws. Open entirely to their interpretation. To write it down, would be for this man to permanently decide on a matter of law....hardly his job or responsibility. Let's just be glad that they've chosen to be somewhat reasonable about this "grey area" and may permit a tiny segment of AEG's into your country.

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