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Originally Posted by ancorp View Post
I take it that this is only for crossing the border, not for shipping over?
I didn't ask about shipping, only bringing things back in person, in a vehicle. It seems, based on everything I've read here, that the Post is fraught with danger. Bringing them back in person does allow for the possibility of a face-to-face discussion, and, provided you're not a douche-bag, hopefully a good chance of success.

Originally Posted by SINN View Post
Sounds like you had a good meeting however you have not uncovered anything new...especially this part:

but keep up the work if you want to

I agree that not much new was discovered here, compared to what I've read of others' efforts in the past. However, I don't mind trying to fight the good fight for both sides and do my part too.

Originally Posted by combat View Post
good job

can you post a list of what guns would meet the criteria?

its seems any TM would pass as they are 280 fps stock but then a m16 is a
Well, one of the documents I brought specifically calls out TM's as being replicas, so TM's would not pass. Why exactly they made that determination, who knows? We know that TM's have about the lowest FPS of any brand-name guns, and all but a few models have plastic bodies, so maybe it was the trademarks, as most TM's do have full trades.

I'll put together a list within the next few days of what guns I think may pass inspection, based on what I was told today. However, just remember that just because I think it'll go, doesn't mean it will for sure. It's still totally up to the fellas at the border. I do think the best news was that they won't seize them outright, but would allow you to turn around and come back.

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