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MY GOD!!!! Funny how some ......%#@ out theire can turn a simple invatation in to a political debate!!!!! SHISH! some of you must be able to turn water into wine!!!!!
Guess I will stick to the paintball guys, they are realy easy to long as they have co2 and paintballs they are happy campers...they dont realy care about the lighting, or getting some paint on theire BDUS or even if theire is neon up above....they ....just whant to have fun, and forget theire work day, or theire wife or girlfriend,..or ....ha man I dont care, they like it and they have fun, I tell them 25.00$ plz and they say ok ...with a smile and comme back asking for more.....they dont ask the carpet vacumed, are your shitters clean, what type of paint did you use to paint the buildings....they just ask , how long can we stay.....and that is the simple life, (KISS )KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID
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