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ok... lets ignore market economics... and run on Faerie dust instead

Look... If you were selling guns.. and you knew you could sell all you could get for cost plus X Would you chose to sell for less? if the supply was limited?

all you are saying is... my work is worth less than the other guy...

so look at it this way...

You can sell 100 guns this year.. as that is all you can get.

You can sell them and make $100 each one... or you could sell them and make $50 each one..

you are 100% certain you can sell them all.. but you can't get more.

Answer truthfully would you rather walk away with $10000.00 in your pocket or $5000.00 for the same work?

Who benefits by the choice to sell for less? 100 strangers... while your family suffers. Who in their right mind would do such a thing?
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