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Originally Posted by Jackie Boy View Post
It Doesnt matter if he had the gun for over a year. He is oviously not selling it anytime soon with the price he has on it. If there was a retailer who sold airsoft guns for a price lower than the other retailers,they would get alot of me, my friends here want to get into airsoft BUT to them it is way to expensive and I wouldnt blame them.
Of course it matters if he had the gun for a year and bought it at a different dollar rate. Very basic economics. He has had the capital tied up in the item for twelve months, and bought the gun for let's say 1.15 dollars. So if he dropped the price of the item to reflect the drop in the dollar (assuming he bought the item in US dollars not some other currency) he would increase his potential loss of profit on the item.

Why don't you try this one. Drive over to your local Porsche dealership and tell them you and some of your buddies want to race Porsches but can't afford it, would they mind dropping the prices. The purpose of a business is not to promote access to the sport, but to make a profit. You seem to have missed that point. Maybe there should be a welfare office that hands out airsoft guns to people who want to play but can't afford it.

Perhaps before you whine you should ask yourself, and tell us, what do you think the cost of the product is, shipping, duty, other overhead, and then add in something reasonable for the labour of the guy running the place, and then add it all up. Then explain what you think the airsoft (luxury LEISURE activity) ROI or ROE should be. Then if your numbers show you that the ROI or ROE kills that of other industries (say insurance or pharmaceuticals- but they're neccesities arn't they) then you can explain to us why the profit levels in this industry are unjust.

Until you can really do something like that, you are just another ill-informed name-calling, whiner.

And for the record Farm Boy is well versed in small business, importing and the airsoft industry. Care to tell us your amazing qualifications for your lazer-tight critique of Canadian Airsoft economics? (actually your comment about not many people knowing about airsoft in Newf. kind of undermines your lower prices/increase sales volume argument now doesn't it?)

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