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If there was a retailer who sold airsoft guns for a price lower than the other retailers,they would get alot of me, my friends here want to get into airsoft BUT to them it is way to expensive and I wouldnt blame them.
Funny, my prices dropped to almost even with the US prices a few weeks ago.

Sales have not skyrocketted like you suggest they would.

Why can I not charge the exact same as US price even though our dollar is the same or more?

1) The bank charges money to convert money, hense you will find our dollar still doesn't buy 1 US dollar.

2) Shipping costs are huge. It cost $35 to send 35lb box to New York from California. It costs $100 to send that same box to Trenton Ontario. I'm already out $65 on every $1000 to $1300 shipment of gear compared to US

3) Turnover. I still have stock that I bought months ago, and to sell it at the US prices I would loose money - however I have dropped the prices - why? because even though Canadian retailers like me try and stock huge amounts, there are still people who shop south of the border so I have to drop the prices to compete.

If your too poor to play airsoft, then the dollar exchange rate is not the problem.
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