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Originally Posted by Jackie Boy View Post
It Doesnt matter if he had the gun for over a year. He is oviously not selling it anytime soon with the price he has on it. If there was a retailer who sold airsoft guns for a price lower than the other retailers,they would get alot of me, my friends here want to get into airsoft BUT to them it is way to expensive and I wouldnt blame them.
I want to get into space exploration... but I can't afford the space ship.. so I guess I can't.

If you can't get over the bar... then you stay outside.. its that simple.

Participation in any activity is not a right... you have to earn it.. including the money necessary to buy the required kit.

The existing retailers have limits on how many guns they can bring in at a time... as would anyone else who intends to get into retailing airsoft guns.

so... if you can only get so many.. and there is not enough to service the demand... why would anyone choose to make less money on each sale?

Lower prices make sense in a competative market.. like it was 2 years ago with 8 retailers all looking for our money... the only edge you have is to drop margin.. and make it up on volume... but if the volume is capped... by import restrictions... dropping margin... only reduces total revenue... thats just bad business....

This coupled with the "quantum state" with respect to the legality of retailing airsoft guns... why would anyone risk fines, and imprisonment with every sale if they were not making as much money as possible with every sale?
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