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And that hole " We are paying for there Props license " With lower prices more perchases can be made and in the long run more money for there license. Were one person can only afford one gun a year, now with lower prices they can aford two or more and might be buying alot more within the year. Insted of having to wait a year just to buy one gun they can save up and buy many throughout the year. See more money for there license.
One problem is that some retailers (A&A comes to mind) bought stock a year ago or more when we were sitting on 70/dollar. A&A has a full metal M16VN that I'm sure Mark has had on his site for well over a year. Maybe he paid $400 after shipping from HK for a gun - there's no reason he should be expected to take a 30% loss now that the dollar is up.

On a related note, you can't compare airsoft retail practices to buying "object x" the "real world". Sure, McDonald's can drop their prices to reflect a stronger dollar on Big Macs because they sell 10,000 per day. In an airsoft retailers' world, he might only sell a dozen guns per month, and only make a small profit on each. He can't afford to eat the 30% difference, or he makes nothing for his time, effort, and headaches.

The biggest issue with importing airsoft in Canada is supply and demand. We simply don't have a big enough player base in Canada buying high-end guns (maybe 2000 players tops, and I suspect it's probably closer to half that; this is an unscientific guess, and does not include WelfAirsofters who want guns under $150, or buy Crossman).

In the end, it becomes an issue of "put up or shut up". If anyone here thinks they can do a better job and get guns to people for cheaper, then put your money where your mouth is and open a store. There's a few such people doing it already. I've bought guns from them, and I'll be standing in line to buy from you if you can offer the same level of service and reliability at a cheaper price. Otherwise, you have no grounds to complain about pricing.
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That was a very bad move on your behalf. Sort of like cutting off your foot for money, but not getting the money first and then letting the person with the money run away.
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