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Why do Canadian Retailers Charge what they do?

Because they can.

They can sell as many guns as they bring in... They could likely increase their prices by 25% above what they are now.. and still sell everything they bring in.

Its a business... not a charity... they don't bring in guns so you can play.. they bring in guns to make money. The more the better.

Sure there are Licensing issues... storage and security...Duty and Taxes.. all this serves to make guns landed in Canada more expensive than most other places... but at the end of the day... they cost what they cost...

I know people who are jumping through the hoops necessary to get import licenses... sure the application fees and actual license fees are not that expensive... but what does months of time jumping through hoops cost?

Also... its not like a fishing license... you have to already have a viable business.. and illustrate a reasonable need for an import license.... if the CF
O even sniffs the possibility that you plan to retail to the public... you will NEVER be approved. Even any connection to the "Airsoft community" is the kiss of death for any props license application.
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