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Of course they run out, they only buy 10 of an item most of the time. Then they dont restock for months and when they do its 10 or less. look at walmart. when they run out they restock in a few days. Airsoft is the same way in Japan. When a store there runs out the restock in a few days. when we run out we have to wait for international shipping becuse our stores only buy limeted quantity.

Theres something to throw in. Limeted quantity will yeald less profit, Unless you mark up the cost. Now a large quantity will allow you to mark down the cost of the goods to the consumer and allow you to make a large profit. In the end having more of something makes you more money. And making it cheap makes you even more money.

The only thing holding up gas prices is the government of canada. And the only thing holding up airsoft prices are the retailers trying to earn as mutch as they can. Im not blaming them we all want to make money. But right now is the time to make a butt load of cash. You buy allot of stock, sell it all cheap and reap in the dow!!!!

Don't go through Asia go through America its going to be cheaper on shipping. And if your going to go through Asia go to the manufacturers and get a bulk order. It's cheaper through the states if your going to buy from a second party retailer.

Look at Sterios in Canada. One company will list $200 and another will beat that price by 5%. What governs that? Just becuse you can charge an insane amount, dosent mean you have to.
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