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You might as well ask:

- If our gas prices will drop to match the US (US gas prices were always way cheaper than Canada, even nowadays with the on-par dollar)
- If hardcover and paperback book prices will match (they never have, and at times you're paying a 30-40% premium for just buying in Canada, even though books aren't prohibited importation goods)
- If vehicle prices will match (again, not a prohibited good, and as detailed through several news channels, this has caused a lot of grief with Canadian dealerships across the border in recent years. Cars are simply cheaper in America)
- etc.

There are a lot of factors besides the simple dollar that determines the cost and value of a product. Logistics being one of them, supply and demand being the other. In the grand scheme of things, the cost of the license required to bring in the goods is petty compared to the other details required to run an airsoft business.

Considering the lead-times required to run an order for restricted goods, you may want to pose your question 3 months down the road, when goods start arriving that were purchased when the dollar dropped.

Kick in the proverbial "supply-and-demand" curve, and you can see that the prices won't change much.

Some retailers may charge an insane amount for guns, but guess what? They still sell out.

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