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Will Airsoft prices drop, our doller is on Par?

Ok Our doller is ether on par or a sliver lower then the american doller. When Are we going to get a break on airsoft. I mean to charge us 300 dollers more then the americans have to pay is sad. 150 more is exeptable but not 300.

And that hole " We are paying for there Props license " With lower prices more perchases can be made and in the long run more money for there license. Were one person can only afford one gun a year, now with lower prices they can aford two or more and might be buying alot more within the year. Insted of having to wait a year just to buy one gun they can save up and buy many throughout the year. See more money for there license.

Now I know im going to be flamed about this but that just means this thred isent for that person. This thred is for people like minded wanting to talk about the topic.
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