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Originally Posted by Drak View Post
Greetings Everyone!
My name is Tom "DRAK" Grady, I am the Co-founder and Field Commander of the American Patriots, We are a small but elite team based out of Edwardsville, PA. USA we have a Web-site for our team and (which is still under construction) and a Forums section for different teams and people to come together. The web-site address is feel free to check us out. I am trying to make contact with as many teams as possible so that we can also play internationally. I know getting the Air-soft guns into Canada is no easy task, but I am sure it is not impossible.
I hope that we can make a lasting friendship, and hope that we could build an alliance of Airsoft teams like non other.
Take care and have a great weekend.

Hey hey!

Welcome to Airsoft Canada. Unfortunetly, international play with Canadian players is very difficult. You're correct about the fact that getting airsoft guns into Canada is no easy task... however, it IS pretty much impossible. We are NOT able to take our guns to play in another country (we would never be able to get them back into Canada); and likewise anyone from the US who wanted to play in Canada would not be able to get their guns across the border. Currently, the only way to get guns into Canada is with a very expensive license similar to those used for movie props. For the average Canadian airsofter, our guns are stuck in the country. This is why airsoft guns in Canada are approx. 2x - 3x more expensive than airsoft guns in the USA. (As an example, I recently got a quote from one of our retailers for a gun that retails at $130 in the USA - $550 in Canada before take and shipping!).

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