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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
Happened in an Airsoft game: yeah right

Crawler 2 to Crawler 1, come in 1
Two to One, Keep your port at 9 o'clock and commence firing
Affirmative 2, report to 9 and commence firing
Crawler 2 to Crawler 1, again, proceed to port 9
Affirmative, proceed to port 9
Two to One... you're still on 12 o'clock, correct 9
Affirmative 2
Crawler 1, you're on a collision course with me!

Crawler 1, do you copy?
Crawler 2, do you copy?
Are any of you men out there?
Can any of you men hear me??

Todd can, he flips the comm on button and speaks:
Your men, are obsolete!
Thats from the movie soldier. Very nice.

As for the initial post I found it very informative, thanks for that.

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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