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New hop up the key to auto stop AEGs?

After reading the post about the "AK ptw" and seeing Madmax reply saying that small micro sensors exist in paintball hoppers to detect the propper feeding of balls. I got thinking on a relativly easy and more importantly comercialy viable solution on makeing almost any AEG stop when there is no more bbs in the mag. Yes like a systema

It would solve the age old problem on how to stop AEGs to fire when the mag is out of bbs.

What would be nessesary would be to develop a new hop up chamber that incorporates a "magic eye" that would detect if there is a bb in the chamber. If no bb is present it would send a electric signal to a MOFSET that would stop the power to the AEG .

Should not be that complicated, since my phirana paintball marker has this exact technology to avoid choping balls. A simple pin switch could be located next to the hop up gear to bypass this system if desired.

The new hop up would be compatible with all the rubbers and stuff.

All that would be requiered is to instal a special mofset, those cost about 15$ to make. Wire up the hop up signal wires to this switch. Im not sure how much room there is to route wires on a m16 from the hop up to the stock.

To me this is a easy fix to this problem and would be easy to sell because almost everyone would want one.

What do you guys think? Madmax?
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