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Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
Seekah has a wicked pair of goggles, basically it's the difference of everything being in focus, or being a great big haze. They were better than any I've ever used.
seekah's stuff is such high quality i bet it would rival U.S. army issue. trust me i have seen it in use. just dont ask him how much it cost. as far getting night vision from the U.S.,,,good luck with that,night vision with us made parts are banned for export and the stuff that does come in from the states is older technology and high priced. gen1 is is exactly that,,gen1 no fancy bells or whistles like other units but works well for what it is.

here is my set up

i dont like the IR illuminator with the gen1, i prefer to use an IR filter over my tac/light. way better results.
make no mistake,gen1 is low quality but for what it is it does work quiete well. i can get you the same set up i have,gen1 unit,headgear,carrycase for $300.00

here's a night vision IR strobe demo. keep in mind that the only reason you can see the IR beam from my gen1 unit is because i have the camera's night vision turned on. this beam is 100% invisible to the naked eye.

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